If you are a Product Manager, Product Owner or Project Manager that works in an agile environment, and you are looking for different ways to eliciting software requirements, this video is for you.

My name is Leandro Bodo, I work as a Senior Technical Product Owner in a digital agency in the UK and in this video, I present 5 different ways to eliciting software requirement, that I have been successfully using in my day-to-day routine.

In this video, I’ll show you all the templates below in detail, giving real examples for each of them:

  • User Story
  • Job Story
  • Improvement Story
  • Use Case
  • Bug

Over time, I have been trying different ways to eliciting software requirements and I can assure you the 5 ways presented in the video below really work and will help you to generate and maintain your product backlog.

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*Video in Portuguese