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Today, Leandro Bodo had the pleasure of once again taking part on the podcast Pipoca Ágil with his dear friend Ibson Cabral and other fellow professionals.

It was a fun chat with lots of valuable insights about how companies in Europe do agile compared to Brazilian companies.

The episode got richer with the participation of Ibson’s other guests Eduardo Castro, Georges Lucas, Petrus Abib e Tiago Scala.

This episode was only “Part 1” of a series to come, so follow Leandro on the social media channels to know more about new episodes 🙂

Thanks again Ibson for this new opportunity, and to everyone who contributed to the chat.

Listen to the episode now!

  • Podcast: Pipoca Ágil
  • Episode: #98 – Pipoca Ágil “Offshore” – Inglaterra – Episódio 1: Por Eduardo Castro, Ibson Cabral, Georges Lucas, Leandro Bodo, Petrus Abib e Tiago Scala.
  • Hosts & Guests
  • Total time: 44 min
  • Language: Portuguese

Post Author: Leandro Bodo

Hello! My name is Leandro Bodo, I've been working in digital transformation for about ten years, delivering software solutions for a variety of organisations such as bp, Coca-Cola, Unilever, GSK, Smithers e Forest England. Currently, I work as a Senior Technical Product Owner for a Digital Agency in the UK.

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