Scrum Product Owner Course (live and online)

For professionals who want to become POs or for POs who want to improve their skills in product and Scrum

Course Description

Are you a professional working as a business analyst, requirements analyst or project manager but want to become a Scrum Product Owner? Perhaps you are already a PO or Product Manager and want to improve your skills in Scrum or Product Management? If so, this Scrum Product Owner course is for you!

It was created following the same learning objectives of the Scrum Alliance CSPO course, and hence it will help you to understand the principles and values of Scrum, its events, artifacts, as well as the best practices that should be used in Agile management of products and projects.

During this 2-day course that will be delivered LIVE and online by Leandro Bodo (CST-PO instructor), you will have the chance to apply the scrum framework, its principles, and practices, as well as to develop the main necessary steps to create a product.

Course Outline

The list below presents the content that will be covered in the Scrum Product Owner course:

Learn in this module the main differences between predictive and adaptive models. With focus on the empirical concept of process control, see the real and practical impact of using both models in different products and/or projects. Also, find out how the Agile Manifesto and Agile Methodologies were born.

Scrum has three pillars – Inspection, Adaptation and Transparency, which enable its implementation in complex and unpredictable environments. Find out in this module why these pillars are critical and what the overall purpose and the concept of Scrum is.

Scrum is a simple framework that is intentionally incomplete to give more flexibility to organisations that want to adopt it. In this module, follow in detail each component of the framework (the scrum team, its events and artifacts), with practical exercises and several real examples, based on the instructor own experience.

The Product Owner (PO) is responsible for maximizing the value of the product that will be delivered. To do so, this professional needs to know how to manage the product, its backlog, and the stakeholders. And to perform these roles effectively, it’s critical that you understand the context in which your organization finds itself and know how to avoid anti-standards. You can use the examples and techniques presented in this module in your daily life as a PO.

This module presents all the phases/steps of a product’s life – from before its creation to its ‘death’ (yes, products also die). Understand why it is important to have a Lean thinking, focused on MVP and on validating ideas/products. Create your own product vision, learn how to do the product ‘Discover’ and ‘Delivery’ using Scrum and learn how to prioritize ‘Outcomes’ and plan deliveries.

It is essential that the Product Owner focuses on delivering value at the end of each Sprint and understands that is much more important the ‘Outcome’ (result) than the ‘Output’ (functionalities) delivered in the Sprint. To help you to keep that focus, check out in this module the concepts of User Story and Acceptance Criteria and learn about the best practices that should be followed when writing a user story. At the end of this module, you will be able to create your own stories.

What will you receive?

  • 2 days of online and live training (16 hours in total)
  • Practical activities that will demand your participation in class
  • Handout (PDF) of the slides used in class
  • Instructor comments and notes (PDF)
  • Dynamics and techniques you can use with your team once the course ends

In addition, the Scrum Product Owner course will certainly help you on your path to becoming a Product Owner or a more experienced PO.

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