Online Course - How to create a product backlog


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Leandro Bodo - Product Owner

Leandro Bodo

Product Lead – Nandos, UK

“I’ve been working in digital transformation for more than ten years, delivering software solutions for a variety of organisations such as Nandos, bp, Coca-Cola, Unilever, GSK, Smithers e Forest England”

Online Course - How to create a product backlog

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Learn more about eliciting requirements techniques applying user stories and acceptance criteria (course in Portuguese)

Very well structured and complete course, specially for those who are starting their career as PO or for those who work as SM and want to improve their performance supporting the PO. The instructor gives plenty of valuable tips that help a lot the day-to-day routine with the team.
Viviane de Paula Próspero
Outstanding content, including practical tips that help our daily job. I strongly recommend!
Marcelo Henrique Battaglion
I'm developer from Campinas (Brazil) and I've completed Leandro's course without pause. Congratulations, it was very instructive and productive.
Marco Zoqui

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Every Product Owner, Product Manager, Project Manager and Business Analyst must know how to describe software requirements (items that will form the Product Backlog), as well as every Developer or Engineer must know how to read these PBIs…